CaCO3 in Paper

Micronized calcite is particularly used to produce papers, cardboards, and wall papers by being added into cellulose.
Being cheap and white, calcite has replaced with kaolin in paper industry in last 10 years. Recently, paper industry is using alkali system, which prevents the yellowness and uses more calcite instead of kaolin. This means there is less cellulose and optic whitener consumption. The grinded calcite is used in the half of the 18-20x106; tones of paper industry in the world, where PCC (25-30% coated calcite) is used in the other half.

In Europe, calcite (<2microns) is used in paper industry with the proportions of 75% water and 25% solid as a filling material. In Turkey, SEKA and some private companies control the particle distribution of calcite. The approximate sale in paper industry is 5x10³ tones in Turkey.

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