CaCO3 in PVC And Plastics

Natural calcium carbonate is mostly used filler material in the plastic industry. It increases the electrical resistivity, which results with the increasing performance of the product.
It also supplies higher productivity by the high heat transfer property. Besides, it develops the process by affecting the thermal conductivity and the stickiness because of melting.

In addition to the economical benefits, there are several reasons for CaCO3 to be used in the PVC and Plastic industry, such as;

• increasing the color quality because of the whiteness

• transferring heat and increasing strength

• controlling the rheological properties of PVC

• improving the slipperiness, anti-block and suppression properties of PE films

• increasing resistance in V-belt

• helping polymer mixtures to get ready for processing

• decreasing the cost by filling function

For these reasons, nowadays the natural calcium carbonates are the most widely used filling material in the polymer granules.

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