CaCO3 in Paints and Coatings

Recently calcium carbonate is a significant material in the modern paint production.
Having convenient particle distribution curve, CaCO3 improves the coverage in paints. Besides, with the high quality whiteness, it is used in the production of bright white paints and surface covering. It also prevents corrosion with the buffer impact. In addition, CaCO3 facilitates the dispersion of the pigments that results in lower cost in paint production. Furthermore, low corrosiveness of CaCO3 improves the rubbing property of surface covering which reduces the corrosion of the material used in paint production. CaCO3 has low oil absorption rate which helps to produce the paints with high rubbing resistance. Being an environment friendly material, CaCO3 could be used in the internal paintings. High quality calcite usage reduces the amount of titanium that is used for bright whiteness, thus it substantially reduces the cost.   back

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