CaCO3 in today’s industry

"Calcium carbonate, in other words calcite, is micronized after the processes of breaking, grinding and separation and it comes into use as coated or uncoated according to the industry, mostly as a filler material."
Paints and Coatings Recently calcium carbonate is a significant material in the modern paint production. Having convenient particle distribution curve, CaCO3 improves the coverage in paints.
PVC And Plastics Natural calcium carbonate is mostly used filler material in the plastic industry. It increases the electrical resistivity, which results with the increasing performance of the product.
Paper Micronized calcite is particularly used to produce papers, cardboards, and wall papers by being added into cellulose. Being cheap and white, calcite has replaced with kaolin in paper industry in last 10 years.
Food Micronized calcite is used as an additive in foods such as biscuits, bread, chewing gum etc. Because of the chemical purity, color and decrease in the cost, it is used as an indirect source of calcium.

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